At Beavertail we are busy building your dream boat.

When we were asked by a customer in Georgia to build a Custom Beavertail Aluminum Boat that could be used for fishing the numerous estuaries along the Georgia Coastline, we jumped on the opportunity! These estuaries are where the tide meets the streams/rivers and they are known for varying water levels ranging from a few inches, to several feet deep. To access these rivers and streams, our customer needed a watercraft that could handle anything these rivers could do to present a challenge.

After meeting with the customer to understand both his basic needs, and the options he wanted on his new Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat, our team went to work on building a one of a kind Custom Coastal Fishing Machine!

The customer decided he wanted an extended front deck, wider gun/storage boxes, custom epoxy pain, as well as pre-wired options for a GPS and boat electronics. To power this fishing machine, our customer decided on a Gator Tail Shortshaft to make this an ideal inland/coastal fishing boat.


At Beavertail, we are busy building your dream boat.

Our customer Tim Dickey from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma asked us to design a custom watercraft that could be used for waterfowl hunting in the morning, and fishing in the evening. Being located at the Southern portion of the Central Flyway, Tim spends much of the winter months hunting ducks and geese. Trailering from pond to pond, heading out on large reservoirs, and river hunting for Mallards are just a few of Tim’s favorite past-times.

From the point of initial contact, our team was busy designing a boat that Tim could use in a variety of fashions. We built his dream boat, an 18′ Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat, equipped with our Floatation Pods, a custom side console, large gun boxes and a 2500 Lb heavy duty trailer. Due to the variety of ways Tim planned on utilizing his boat, he equipped it with a 90 HP Evinrude. This is the ultimate Cast & Blast Jon Boat!



At Beavertail, we are busy building your dream boat.

In this week’s Dream Boat Series we felt like we needed to re-write history. To start, let’s look up the difference between a Jon Boat, and a Beavertail Multi-Purpose Jon Boat.

Define: Jon Boat


  1. a light, square-ended, flat bottom skiff, used in shallow water.

Define: Beavertail Multi-Purpose Jon Boat


  1. a light, fully customizable watercraft that can be used in deep or shallow water for hunting, fishing, or pleasure. Such as the 1700 Series Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat pictured below.

When our customer first initiated contact with Beavertail, he made us aware he wasn’t interested in “Granddad’s Jon Boat.” He was interested in seeing his dream boat come to life, and our team helped make that dream a reality.

This 17′ Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat was custom built from the hull up, to include the option to be powered by a 60 HP Yamaha Outboard Motor, complete with our Floatation Pods, Gun Boxes, a Live Well, Poling Platform, and Garmin Electronics. This is the perfect boat for fishing, hunting, or just taking a cruise over to the neighbors place for a BBQ. This is, the Multi-Purpose Jon Boat from Beavertail.



At Beavertail, we are busy building your dream boat.

Our customer Joe Fox of Burlington, WI wanted us to create the biggest, baddest watercraft we ever created. Joe filled us in on his custom design spec, as well as the additional custom boat options he was hoping to have on his new Dream Boat.

At over 20 feet long, Joe’s Beavertail 2072 was nicknamed the “Monster Jon.” Joe’s boat has a beam of 96 inches (8 feet long!), and this boat was made for serious hunting and fishing excursions. Powering this beast is a 90 HP Evinrude E-Tec, as well as a 35 HP Beavertail Long Tail Mud Motor. There is literally no stretch of water that this boat can’t punish. Complete with seating for four, a swamp light at the bow, and custom camo paint – this boat was ready for the water on the day Joe took delivery.



At Beavertail, we are busy building your dream boat.

When it comes to a Jon Boat, most folks are looking for a lightweight, flat bottom boat that can be easily hauled from duck pond, to the next pothole, or even a small river or stream. Compromising on quality, craftsmanship and features shouldn’t be part of a boat building experience. At Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boats, we can build your Dream Boat.

This wasn’t the first opportunity for Beavertail Boats to build an all-purpose Jon Boat that could handle ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. However, we typically don’t build any two boats the same.

This Custom Beavertail Aluminum Boat is an 18′, Custom Camo Painted, all purpose Jon Boat. This model is equipped with Extra Wide Gun Boxes, a Live Well, Fishing Electronics, and a Trolling Motor. Powering this watercraft is a Beavertail Long Tail Mud Motor. An all purpose Jon Boat should truly be unique in it’s “all purpose” fashions, which is why we call this the Beavertail All Purpose Jon Boat!beavertail-all-purpose-jon