At Beavertail, we are busy building your dream boat.

In this week’s Dream Boat Series we felt like we needed to re-write history. To start, let’s look up the difference between a Jon Boat, and a Beavertail Multi-Purpose Jon Boat.

Define: Jon Boat


  1. a light, square-ended, flat bottom skiff, used in shallow water.

Define: Beavertail Multi-Purpose Jon Boat


  1. a light, fully customizable watercraft that can be used in deep or shallow water for hunting, fishing, or pleasure. Such as the 1700 Series Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat pictured below.

When our customer first initiated contact with Beavertail, he made us aware he wasn’t interested in “Granddad’s Jon Boat.” He was interested in seeing his dream boat come to life, and our team helped make that dream a reality.

This 17′ Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat was custom built from the hull up, to include the option to be powered by a 60 HP Yamaha Outboard Motor, complete with our Floatation Pods, Gun Boxes, a Live Well, Poling Platform, and Garmin Electronics. This is the perfect boat for fishing, hunting, or just taking a cruise over to the neighbors place for a BBQ. This is, the Multi-Purpose Jon Boat from Beavertail.


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