At Beavertail, we are busy building your dream boat.

Our customer Tim Dickey from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma asked us to design a custom watercraft that could be used for waterfowl hunting in the morning, and fishing in the evening. Being located at the Southern portion of the Central Flyway, Tim spends much of the winter months hunting ducks and geese. Trailering from pond to pond, heading out on large reservoirs, and river hunting for Mallards are just a few of Tim’s favorite past-times.

From the point of initial contact, our team was busy designing a boat that Tim could use in a variety of fashions. We built his dream boat, an 18′ Beavertail Custom Aluminum Boat, equipped with our Floatation Pods, a custom side console, large gun boxes and a 2500 Lb heavy duty trailer. Due to the variety of ways Tim planned on utilizing his boat, he equipped it with a 90 HP Evinrude. This is the ultimate Cast & Blast Jon Boat!


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