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Performance Series X
This is the top of the line propeller. It is specifically designed for the combination of high speed and aggressive mud performance. The Series X propellers are designed with blades specifically shaped and negatively raked to reduce any chance of weed buildup around the propeller hub. These props are standard on all Beavertail motors, from the 6.5HP Honda to our flagship 27HP Kohler.

BEAVERTAIL PROPS – Performance Series “X” Propellers are The Best Prop for the Best Mud Motor Out There!

Beavertail propellers are designed with a CAD/CAM computer system and are extensively tested to match each engine power characteristics. Other propeller manufacturers simply do not have the computer system and engine detail necessary to design propellers which so exactly match engine design. We believe that when you purchase the finest mud motor available, you deserve the finest propeller.


  • CAD/CAM designed and tested
  • A wide variety of sizes available
  • Purpose built for Beavertail Mud Motors
  • Engineered for high speed, and aggressive mud performance
  • Weedless Design
  • These props are standard on Beavertail Mud Motors

Warranty Period: 1 Year

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Weight 11 lbs