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Francois Luneau

Home State:Quebec
Staff Status:Pro-Staff
Field or Water?:Field & Water
Favorite Waterfowl Species:Geese and Ducks
Favorite DOA Products:Rogue Series Canada Goose Full Bodies and Refuge Series Duck Decoys
Favorite Beavertail Products:Decoys Hauler Sled and Beavertail Boat Blind
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/francois.luneau.5


Since I am a little kid hunting and fishing are part of my life. I’ve been waterfowl hunting for the last 14 years. Since the beginning, it’s not a passion but an obsession for me and we can says it’s a disease. From the field to the open water passing by little creek and pond, I chase all season long ducks, geese and snows. Passing time with family or friend in the blind is the best way to live life and have good time! We are all there for the fun and the good memories! A bad hunting day is better than a good day at work, that’s what we say up here! By far, I prefer chasing big geese in the field. Making them land 10 feet away from you is the best feeling you can get! I love hunting over the DOA Decoys because they are realistic, the most durable compare to other brand I’ve used and really easy to setup or to move during the hunt for a little adjustment with the base attached to the decoy.


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