Cody Beaver

Home State:Iowa
Staff Status:Pro-Staff
Field or Water?:Field
Favorite Waterfowl Species:Canada Geese, Specks, Mallards
Favorite DOA Products:Rogue Series Canada Goose Full Bodies, Rogue Series Sleeper Shells, Rogue Series Goose Floaters
Favorite Beavertail Products:Cargo Sled, Concealment Blankets


My name is Cody Beaver, I was born and raised in Central Iowa. My addiction and passion for the outdoors started at a very early age. Dating back 15 years ago when my dad and grandpa started taking me down to the creek, we’d throw out six wood duck decoys, and have no problem with shooting our limit. Some of the best hunts would have to be the early season goose opener. I remember getting up at the crack of dawn, going to the same silage field we’d been going to for years, and it did not matter whether we killed geese, just being with my dad and grandpa made the hunt.

Multiple people ask why I am so obsessed with waterfowl hunting, and there really isn’t a clear answer due to the fact that there are so many reasons. I could go on for days on reasons why I love it, but a few are waking up and getting to see the sunrise, and most of all the joy of setting your spread with great friends. The ultimate best sight as a waterfowler is seeing that first flock on a line straight to you and committing to your spread. That is the point when you know you have done everything right, and the high-fives begin.

Being that I grew up in Central Iowa and with an abundance of dry cut corn fields I find my bird of choice to hunt is the Canada goose. I travel all over the state to hunt the Canada goose. There certainly is not a problem with finding a field piled high with Canada Geese. However, some of the best hunts would have to be the later part of goose season when the weather gets cold and the snow hits the ground, that’s when fields get stacked and the piles are made.


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