Brennan Schuette

Home State:Minnesota
Staff Status:Social Media Manager
Field or Water?:Field and Water
Favorite Waterfowl Species:Canada Geese, Mallards, Diver Ducks
Favorite DOA Products:Rogue Series Canada Goose Full Bodies, Rogue Series Sleeper Shells, Refuge Series Mallard Floaters


My name is Brennan Schuette I grew up in the small town of Brownton MN, this where I found my passion for the outdoors. My grandpa and my dad brought me into the traditions of hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. I had my first fishing experience at the age of 3 and my first hunt at the age of 4 which all took place with the help of my father. My true passion in the outdoors is pursuing waterfowl as much as I can, whether it be chasing late season mallards or going to the Dakotas in the spring to chase snow geese during the spring conservation season, it is always something I look forward to. I shot my first duck at the age of 5 behind my grandpa’s farm place on the creek that runs through his property. From there on I was completely hooked on the sport of waterfowl hunting. There is just something about watching a flock of geese turn at your call or watching a tornado of mallards funnel down to your boot bag that really gets my heart pumping. I also found my second favorite passion in the outdoors not long ago and that is chasing spring strutting gobblers in Minnesota and South Dakota. I love sharing hunting and fishing stories and introducing anyone to the great outdoors.


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