Frequently Asked Questions

No, all of our boats are a little different based on your specifications.

No we do not, we make 3 standard sizes. Visit our PODS Page here!

Yes, an 8” extension kit is available for all 5 boat blind series.

15’-20’ long and 48”-72” wide at the bottom.

There is a diagram under the PODS tab that shows what size PODS work with what width bottoms. For your convenience, here is a link to the installation manual.

Visit our PODS Page here!

Yes, Our blinds are a universal boat blind that will fit several boats out there. You will have to determine the Beam width of your boat which is the widest point across the top of the boat. You will also need to get the length. With these two measurements you will be able to find out which Beavertail boat blind will best fit your boat.