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6.5 HP Vanguard
Long Tail
13 HP Vanguard
Long Tail
23 HP Vanguard
Long Tail

27 HP Kohler
Long Tail
35 HP Vanguard
Long Tail

35 HP Vanguard Surface Drive

We call them our "no questions asked, get you anywhere and back, mud flingin, weed eatin, workhorses".  Beavertail has partnered with the best names in the industry to bring you durable reliable power, with names like Vanguard and Kohler.  We've done the legwork to match each engine to the ideal application so you know you are getting

Beavertail Performance Series X Propellers
The Best Prop for the Best Mud Motor Out There!  Props List

We build our motors to last, but if you need extra, quality parts for any reason, you can buy them directly from us!  Parts List



the most optimized set-up available, no matter which motor you choose.

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